February excursions

We left Hamburgsund on Saturday morning, the sun was shining and the winds light.

There was no ice, just some slush along the shoreline. We motored to Gluppö-bassängen (the Gluppö basin) and tied up to a mooring buoy. Gluppö-bassängen was completely empty when we arrived. In mid July there is usually around a hundred boats moored here, sometimes even more than two hundred boats but in the end of February there is no problem finding an available mooring buoy.

We inflated our dinghy and motored (can you say motored when the outboard is all electric?) ashore. Our first stop was Fläskö (Pork Island). Quite a lot of climbing and walking on rocks. Fläskö was deserted, no one lives here all year around any more.

The Gluppö basin
Fläskö, view towards Dyngö

We had a nice hike and returned to Mist with all limbs still intact.

After lunch in the cockpit we continued to Florö which was also inhabited. Very nice old buildings. No climbing here.


We took the long way back, around Fläskö. A bit cold but really nice.

The Gluppö basin

Sunday morning was fantastic, the sun was shining and the sea completely calm, no wind at all.

Sunday morning at the Gluppö basin

There had been temperatures below freezing during the night and there were patches of ice. We took the dingy round the southern tip of Fläskö and motored slowly towards the little harbour at Dyngö. The inflatable is probably not made for ice breaking but the ice was thin and we managed to get trough the patches of ice without any problem. All jetties are private but we found a good spot to moore the dinghy.

Patches of ice

There was a good trail all the way to the southern end of Dyngö. On the way back we climbed up to the old pilot lookout at the top of the island. The view from up there is breathtaking and sheltered from the wind behind the lookout the sun felt really warm. Spring is on its way. There are at least two people living here all year around and there was some people visiting there summer houses so Dyngö did not feel completely deserted. We also met a cute and very friendly dog.

The old pilot lookout at Dyngö

We went back to Mist, stowed the dinghy and went back to Hamburgsund and dinner with our daughter and family. They served a really good moose roast.

Looking forward to Mars and more weekends at sea, hopefully a little warmer and no ice.