La Palma

After 11 days in Quinta do Lordo it was time to move on. It was very difficult to get a berth or mooring anywhere in the Canaries but Marina Santa Cruz de La Palma welcomed us so together with sy Capella we left Quinta do Lordo in the morning November 18th.

Leaving Quinta do Lorde

Really good sailing to start with, dead running and around 15 knots of wind. In the evening the wind shifted more towards east but still nice sailing. In the morning the wind died and the rest of the trip was a mixture of sailing, motoring and motor sailing.

Capella and dolphins
Squall coming our way

When we got closer to La Palma the sky was red from the erupting volcano Cumbre Vieja. After almost two full days we arrived at Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Red sky from the vulcano

Very few boats and we could pick and choose a suitable berth. The volcano is very active and the air polluted bye ash. We had to clean the boat at least twice a day and at one time we had to wear googles and mask when walking into town.

Santa Cruz de la Palma
Typical balconys

Together with the Capella crew we rented a car and went for a trip around the island. We stopped at Roches los Muchachos, 2426 metres above sea level and then went on to see the vulcano. Spectacular and a bit scary. The next day we took the car to do some shopping.

On our way to Roches de Mochachos
Roches de Mochachos
East coast of La Palma
The vulcano from a distance
Lava hits the sea
Vulcanic ash on deck

Sailed distance 254,9 nautical miles.


From Quinta do Lordo we took the bus to Machico to get some provisions.

We went for a hike to Punta de Sao Lorenzo, not far from the marina.

Leaving quinta do Lordo heading towards Sao Laurenzo
The top

Together with the Capella crew we hired a car and went for a trip around the island. We visited Funchal and Porto Moniz and went to a supermarket in Machico.

Funchal marina
I will not move!
Moniz “natural” pool

A few days later our friends on sy Ran lent us there car for a day and we went back to Funchal via Pico Aviero and the valley of nuns.

Pico de Aviero
Above the clouds
Valley of nuns
Funchal in the distance
Funchal old town

We tried to get a berth in Funchal or in marina Calheta but they were full and had no aviable berths.

Quinta do Lorde

We left Porto Santo just before noon, without being ashore. We did get one night of descent sleep though.

Leaving Porto Santo
Wing on wing
Islas Desertas
Sao Laurenzo
Sao Laurenzo lighthouse
Closing in on Quinta do Lorde

Our friends on sy Capella arrived soon after and we went out for dinner together.

Capella arriving

The distance to Quinta do Lorde was only 30 nautical miles and after 6 hours sailing wing on wing we arrived at the marina and was guided by the marina staff to a good berth. What a difference from Porto Santo, so tranquil and safe.

The Marina
Deserted pool

Quinta do Lorde is a resort built in 2002 with around 150 rooms/apartments , swimming pools, gym, restaurants, shops and a marina. It went bankrupt in 2019 and only the marina, one restaurant and one shop is open. The rest is empty and deserted, a little bit like the movie “The Shining”.

Sailed distance 31,5 nautical miles.

Porto Santo

After 5 day in Porto we set off for Porto Santo, to get further south and to meet our friends on sy Capella and sy Star. The weather forecast promised a beam reach and around 20 knots of wind.

Leaving Porto
Towards open waters

We left Porto at first light but instead of a beam reach we where close hauled in 25 knots of wind gusting up to 35 knots and an uncomfortable sea state. Not funny. After a day and a half the wind eased some and shifted into a broad reach, still a lot of squalls with rain and wind.

Closing in on Porto Santo

Even if it was uncomfortable we were doing quite good speed and reached Porto Santo after 4 and a half days, with an average speed of almost 6 knots. We arrived just after dark and anchored close to sy Capella.

Capella, Star behind

It was very windy and we dragged anchor and had to move before we felt safe enough to go to sleep. The next morning we dragged anchor again. The anchorage was very crowded and we did not feel safe so we decided to sail to Madeira instead.

Sailed distance 632,2 nautical miles.


After a couple of days in A Coruna it was time to continue south. We left at dawn after a stop at the fuel dock.

Leaving A Coruna and the Hercules tower behind

Our plan was to go to Camarinas but when we got there we decided to continue south to Porto, motoring all night.

Aproaching Porto
Entrance to Douro River

We arrived at Porto after 31 hours at sea. Really nice to be back in Porto, we have been here quite a lot even if it was a long time ago. The marina is located close to the river mouth and a few kilometres from the city centre but it is a nice walk into town. We walked around in Porto the whole next day.

Walking towards Porto

We got together with old friends, thanks for your hospitality!

The way back from the shopping mall

Not far from the marine there is a shopping mall with a big supermarket and we went there twice to get provisions as we were planning to go from Porto to Porto Santo, just over 600 nautical miles away.

On the way to the beach

Sailed distance 177,0 nautical miles.

A Coruna

We left Viveiro at dawn. Light winds and to be sure to reach A Coruna before dusk we had to motorsail.

Isla Coelleira
Cabo Ortegal

We arrived just after 5 pm and was given a good berth by the marina staff. We Took a walk into the town. There was a lot of activities going on.

Praca de Maria Pita
Harbour office and YC

The next day we walked out to the Hercules tower and the city centre.

Sculpture park
The Hercules Tower
City beach

Sailed distance 55,6 nautical miles.


We left Luarca at 6 am, rather tired after two nights with very little sleep. Light winds meant motoring ones again. We could sail for a short while at lunchtime and then the wind died again.

Adjusting the Duogen
The river entrance

At 4 pm we arrived at Viveiro marina. We went for a walk and did some provisioning at the local supermarket. The old city centre was quite nice and the marina was ok.

Sailed distance 52,6 nautical miles.