Funchal Madeira

We really liked Rubicon and Lanzarote but after spending a month there it was time to move on.

Leaving Rubicon

The course was set for Funchal, Madeira.

Nice sailing

Nice sailing the first 24 hours and then the wind disappeared and we motored the last day and night and arrived at Funchal half past eight in the morning of the third of April after two days at sea.

Funchal ahead

Our friends on sy Lazy Frog arrived from La Palma just before us.

Funchal is a lively, rather touristy city with lots of nice streets and buildings.

Marina Funchal

We went to the botanical garden and on the way back we tried the traditional slay ride.

View from the Botanical Garden
Slay ride

The market “Mercado dos Lavradores” is a vibrant place and we went there several times to by fruits, spices, vegetables and fish.

Mercado dos Lavradores
Black Scabbard fish

We went for several hikes and walks along the levadas and of course strolled around in Funchal, often together with Anki and Janne from sy Lazy Frog.

View from Punta do Garajau
Levada 25 Fountains and Risco
Mimosa valley levada
Funchal city levada
Pico Arieero to Pico Ruvio hike

Spending a month in Funchal is no problem at all. We saw quite a lot of Madeira when we were here in November but there is still a lot to be seen here. We will be back.

Sailed distance 283,6 nautical miles