Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel

We left Vila do Porto just after seven in the morning.

Leaving Santa Maria

Nice sailing all the way, a beam reach under full sail and we made an average speed of 6,2 knots arriving at Punta Delgada in the afternoon of May 13.

Closing in on Ponta Delgada
Marina Ponta Delgada

Punta Delgada is a big city, compared to Vila do Porto anyway, lots of shops and restaurants and quite busy with a lot of traffic.

Ponta Delgada

There were a lot of available berths in the marina but swell made it uncomfortable.

We rented a car for two days and went for excursions and hikes, one day together with the crew of sy Salt.

Ponta Delgada in the background
Lagoa do Fogo
Tea plantation
Hot spring
By Lagoa dos Furnas
Lagoa Azul
Old agueduct
Boca do inferno
Abandoned hotel
View over Lagoa Verde from the abandoned hotel
Porto das Capelas

Sailed distance 56,6 nautical miles

Vila do Porto, Santa Maria Azores

We left Funchal late in the afternoon and motored westward along the south coast of Madeira.

Leaving Funchal

When we reached the Ponta do Pargo the northerly wind hit us and we sailed close hauled with just the jib in about 25 knots of wind and quite heavy seas. The second day the wind eased and turned more easterly as predicted and we could set more sail and have some less uncomfortable sailing. The last 100 miles or so we could run downwind with just the code.

After 3 and a half days we arrived at Vila do Porto.

Closing in on Vila do Porto
Aproaching the marina

Santa Maria is a small island with only about 5000 inhabitants, very laid back compared to Funchal and very few tourists.

Vila do Porto Marina

The “capital” Vila do Porto is small with only a few shops and a couple of restaurants.

Vila do Porto

We did some boat maintenance and went for a couple of very nice hikes.

Hike Campo de Piedra
Old lime Stone quarry
Fika at Santo Espirito
Santo Espirito to Maia hike
Hike detour
Ponta do Castelo lighthouse
Highest waterfall in Portugal
Heading back towards Santo Espirito
Start of the waterfall
The water goes over the edge
West of the harbour

Sailed distance 492,9 nautical miles

Funchal Madeira

We really liked Rubicon and Lanzarote but after spending a month there it was time to move on.

Leaving Rubicon

The course was set for Funchal, Madeira.

Nice sailing

Nice sailing the first 24 hours and then the wind disappeared and we motored the last day and night and arrived at Funchal half past eight in the morning of the third of April after two days at sea.

Funchal ahead

Our friends on sy Lazy Frog arrived from La Palma just before us.

Funchal is a lively, rather touristy city with lots of nice streets and buildings.

Marina Funchal

We went to the botanical garden and on the way back we tried the traditional slay ride.

View from the Botanical Garden
Slay ride

The market “Mercado dos Lavradores” is a vibrant place and we went there several times to by fruits, spices, vegetables and fish.

Mercado dos Lavradores
Black Scabbard fish

We went for several hikes and walks along the levadas and of course strolled around in Funchal, often together with Anki and Janne from sy Lazy Frog.

View from Punta do Garajau
Levada 25 Fountains and Risco
Mimosa valley levada
Funchal city levada
Pico Arieero to Pico Ruvio hike

Spending a month in Funchal is no problem at all. We saw quite a lot of Madeira when we were here in November but there is still a lot to be seen here. We will be back.

Sailed distance 283,6 nautical miles

Rubicon, Lanzarote

We spent almost a full month at Las Palmas at it was high time to leave. After filling up with diesel we left Marina Las Palmas a quarter past one in the afternoon.

Leaving Las Palmas
Tanker outside Las Palmas harbour

Nice sailing, close hauled, at first but after a few hours the wind died and we had to motor towards Marina Rubicon. We tied up to the reception pontoon just after seven a´clock in the morning.

Closing in on Rubicon

Rubicon is rather touristy but the marina is very nice.

Rubicon by night
Marina Rubicon
Market at Rubicon

The Papagayo beach is just an hour walk away and we went there for a swim a couple of times.

Hike to Papagayo beach
Papagayo beach
Fuerteventura in the distance

Our jib furler has not worked properly for some time now so we contacted the boatyard here in Rubicon and they dissembled the furler and took it apart. The bearings had collapsed completely. So a new furler was ordered from Germany.

Swedish fika with semlor

While waiting for the spare parts we hired a car for two days and went around the island, visiting most of the interesting places. When the new furler arrived at last the boatyard did not have time to mount it so we had to do that ourselves.

Playa Caleton Blanco
Orzola, Graciosa in the background
View over Graciosa
Cueva del Agua
Cueva del Agua pool
Cueva de los Verdes entrance
Cueva de los Verdes
Waves at El Golfo

We rented a car one more time and went to La Geria, the wine district, tried and bought some wine.

La Geria
Tuna for dinner, local wine

We also made a visit to Timanfaya national park.

Timanfaya national park

We also went to Arricife by bus a couple of times to do some shopping and to visit friends in the marina.


Sailed distance 98,6 nautical miles

Good to have. Item #1

We have been liveaboards for more than a year now. Half the time in Sweden, even wintertime.

We will list some useful items, here is #1.

Air fryer

We use it to a lot of our cooking and baking when we are in marinas and have access to shore power.

Chocolate and almond cookies
Swedish Semlor
Sesame chicken

Potatoes, fries of course but we have also used it for, among other things, chicken, sausage, bacon, hash and fish fingers. Baking bread and cookies also works fine. Most of the things you make in an oven or a fryer is possible to make in an air fryer.

Is saves a lot of propane and usually we use it in the cockpit to avoid smelly fumes inside the boat.

Las Palmas

We were heading for Lanzarote but the wind was stronger than forecasted and more on the nose so after a few hours of uncomfortable sailing we decided to go for plan B, changed course and headed for Las Palmas instead.

Leaving Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Instead of arriving at Lanzarote in broad daylight we arrived at Marina Las Palmas in the middle of the night. A lot of lights from the city and very difficult to see the entrance to the marina but with GPS and plotters that’s no problem.

We were lucky to get a berth right away and did not have to anchor first, waiting for an available spot.

The anchorage and the marina

Las Palmas is a busy city, a lot of people and a lot of traffic. The old town is really nice and so is the beach Las Canteras.

We went for walks and even bicycle rides.

The old town
Can you see the parrots?
Las Canteras
The market

In December when we were in Puerto Rico it was impossible to rent a car but now we rented a car twice and went up in the mountains, went hiking and looking at almond trees.

The village Teror
View from Cruz de Tejeda
Tejeda and Roque Bentayga
Almond tree and Roque Nublo

Of course there were a lot of socialising with other yachties and some boat maintenance. Marina Las Palmas is a very sheltered, has good service and is cheap. Some boats never leave…

Sailed distance 62,0 nautical miles


We did not feel finished with Tenerife so we decided to go back, we also had some friends comings to Tenerife for a weeks holiday and we were looking forward seeing them. It was a lot easier to get a marina berth when most boats heading for the Carabien had left the Canaries.

We left Puerto Rico at first light the second of January. No wind so we motored towards Santa Cruz.

Leaving Puerto Rico

A couple of miles outside the harbour we were boarded by the Spanish customs for a routine check.

Spanish Customs

We arrived at Marina Santa Cruz well before dark.

Santa Cruz
Towards the marina

There is a lot to see in Tenerife and we started by exploring the nice city of Santa Cruz.

Old town
Santa Cruz by night

Annika went to the botanical garden “Palmetum” while I was doing some work onboard.

Pool and the auditorium from “Palmetum”

The market Nuestra senora de Africa is really nice and we went there many times to shop and to have lunch in the fish market.

Nuestra senora de Africa

One day we took a bicycle trip to the fishing harbour, the village San Andrés and the beach Playa de Las Teresitas.

Fishing harbour
Las Teresitas

We took the bus to Puerto Santa Cruz to meet our friends and they came to us and stayed overnight, we really had a good time together. There are a lot of hiking paths on Tenerife and some were easily reached by bus.

The road to Chamorga
Starting point, Chamorga hike

We rented a car twice and went round the island and went for a hike to Teide.

Gran Canaria in the distance
Cruz Carmen to Hidalgo hike – Chinamada
Roque de Pinjos
Driving towards Teide – looking down at Santa Cruz
Teide hike
Driving back to Santa Cruz

La Laguna, the old capital was only a tram ride away, nice streets and old buildings.

La Laguna
La Laguna street art

We spent 3 weeks in Tenerife and there are still many things left to see and still places left to see.

Preparing to leave Santa Cruz

Sailed distance 51,9 nautical miles.

2021 Summary

During 2021 we have sailed from 62 degrees 51,9 minutes North (Ona, Norway)


to 27 degrees 46,8 minutes North (Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria Spain).

Puerto Rico

From 12 degrees 48,7 minutes East (Skanör, Sweden)


to 17 degrees 46 minutes West ( Santa Cruz de la Palma, Spain).

Lava flow at La Palma

We have logged 4830,1 nautical miles and have visited 8 foreign countries.

Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal.

Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

Our children and grand children was planning to go to Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria for Christmas. To visit us and to celebrate Christmas together.

Leaving San Miguel

We left Marina San Miguel at dawn, 2 reefs in the main and the heavy weather jib. Close hauled on port tack and we were doing good progress towards Puerto Rico.

Sun Rise sailing towards Puerto Rico
Closing in on Puerto Rico

When we got close to Gran Canaria the wind died and we had to motor the last miles. We arrived at Puerto Rico about half past 4 in the afternoon.

Puerto Rico Marina

Puerto Rico is a holiday resort with nothing but hotels, a big and very touristy shopping centre, a beach, a marina and lots of tourists but the climate here is excellent.

Puerto Rico

Our family arrived the 18th of December and we had a wonderful week together.


The rest of our stay we went for excursions to Las Palmas, Maspalomas and nearby villages and some hikes.

Hike to Puerto Mogan

Sailed distance 51,9 nautical miles.

Marina San Miguel

We left Las Galletas after just one night, motoring to the nearby very sheltered Marina San Miguel.

View towards Marina San Miguel

San Miquel is just a golf resort and a marina but the nearby village San Blas is in walking distance, just a few kilometres away. We went for walks and a hike to Las Galletas, nice views and the path along the sea at Montana Amarilla was spectacular.

Hiking to Galletas
Montana de Amarillo
Trying not to get wet

At the restaurant Alecrim we had one of the best meals, eating out, since we left Sweden.

Sailed distance 3,6 nautical miles.