Lindholmen Gothenburg


After a walk together with Lena and Fredrik we left Mollösund, we just had a quick stop at the fuel dock, hoisted full main and jib and set off south.

Capella waving goodbye
Lots of heather

We had a beam reach and made good progress. The wind was blowing around 15 knots gusting up to 20 and when we turned more into the wind we had to take in a reef which made sailing more comfortable but just as fast. The last miles into Gothenburg we had a nice broad reach and we moored at Lindholmen just after 5 pm.


Sailed distance 33,6 nautical miles.


Our friends on Sy Capella were going north to Henån and we were planning to go to Gothenburg for the weekend so we decided to meet half way, at Mollösund. We left Hamburgsund at 9.20 in the morning.

Leaving Hamburgsund

The forecast promised around 15 knots of wind and in a favourable direction. We had a nice sail down to the Soten canal and after the canal the wind had increased some and we had a fast and nice sail to Mollösund.

Passing Islandsberg
Gullholmen ahead
Capella arriving at Mollösund

Capella arrived just before us and we tied up alongside Capella just after 4 a´clock. Lena and Fredrik invited us onboard for a nice meal. We took a walk together and got back to the boats just before dark.

Sailed distance 39,0 nautical miles.

Back to Sweden and Hamburgsund

The weather forecast promised headwinds the coming days so we decided to go directly back home to Hamburgsund. After some provisioning at the mall in Farsund we motored out of the harbour and after an hour we set sail and had good sailing the first couple of hours.

Leaving Farsund
Söndre Katland lighthouse
Passing Lindesnes

Then it was motor sailing and when the wind picked up we could turn off the engine and when the wind decreased we motor sailed again. In the evening the wind turned more south-Westerly and we took down the mainsail and continued with just the code.

Preparing the code

When we approached Väderöarna the wind increased and we changed from code to jib.

Sailing with just the code
Norway no longer in sight

We arrived at our slip in Hamburgsund 20 minutes past 4 pm. We did not sleep much on the way so we were quite tired.

Sailed distance 154,5 nautical miles.


We left Rott a quarter to six in the morning.

Leaving Rott

Wind in the right direction but light. The sea was choppy and irregular and the sails were flapping. Ended up sailing with just the code which was OK.

Preparing the code
Approaching Farsund

Some other sailing boats around. We moored at the same place as the last time we were here but it was a little to shallow for Mist so we went to the floating pontoon across the harbour instead. Went for a short walk and did some laundry.


Sailed distance 78,7 nautical miles.


After 2 days at Utsira we continued south, we left at 9 am and motored all the way to Rott. No wind and up to 2,5 knots of current, in the wrong direction of course.

Northern gannet taking off

We arrived at Rott 4.30 pm. The harbour was almost deserted, just some people that had spent the weekend here, now returning home. Back to work.

View from the cockpit
Mist at Rott

We stayed for 3 days, went for a walk and even worked some. Nice place and very quiet.

Flower pot Rott style

Sailed distance 34,3 nautical miles.


After reversing out of Kvalvåg´s narrow harbour we set sail and had a really nice sail south. It started with a broad reach in about 15 knots of wind and after a while it became a beam reach and in the end close hauled with one reef in the main. We arrived at the north harbour just before 4 pm.

Close hauled
Approaching Nordvik

A quick beer in the cockpit and then we set off on our bicycles to see the island. There is a lot of street art here. We stayed at Utsira 2 days, the second day we explored the island by foot, looking for street art and walking more or less all paths we could find.

Utsira lighthouse
View towards Sörvikvågen
Natural art
More natural art
Nordvik, the pub to the right

Sailed distance 44,7 nautical miles.


We left Bergen an hour before noon after buying some fish at the fish market.

Leaving Bergen

Motoring at first but after a while we could set sail and slowly beating south.

Beating south

The last couple of miles to the island of Stolmen we had to motor, almost no wind and the current against us. We arrived at Kvalvåg just before 5 pm and moored outside an “in the same boat” yacht (they pick plastic along the Norwegian coast).

Mist at Kvalvåg

We went for a walk.

View towards Hevröya
View from the cockpit

Sailed distance 30,1 nautical miles.

Bergen again

We were getting a bit low on fuel so we decided to go to Bergen to fill up. Motoring again, through the narrow sounds east of Radöy. Really nice.

Narrow passages
Vågen Bergen

Bergen harbour was almost full, we had to moor alongside another sailing boat, a Greek Hanse.

Sailed distance 41,3 nautical miles.

Söre Glavaer

After a good night sleep at Vik we motored out of Sogne fjord. We aimed for Söre Glavaer, a small island with a very protected anchorage. We arrived mid afternoon. No other boats, no people either.

Nice evening at Söre Glavaer

Sailed distance 50,7 nautical miles.


After two days at Flåm it was time to get out of Sogne fjord. No wind at all to start with and when the wind picked up it was in the wrong direction.

Leaving Flåm
No wind at all

Even the current was against us. We motored slowly westwards. After eight hours of motoring we found a nice little fjord arm with depths suitable for anchoring.

Approaching Vik

We anchored at 18 meters depth and let out 55 meter of chain. Shore felt really close. It was a really tranquil place with only a handful houses.


Sailed distance 40,3 nautical miles.