La Palma

After 11 days in Quinta do Lordo it was time to move on. It was very difficult to get a berth or mooring anywhere in the Canaries but Marina Santa Cruz de La Palma welcomed us so together with sy Capella we left Quinta do Lordo in the morning November 18th.

Leaving Quinta do Lorde

Really good sailing to start with, dead running and around 15 knots of wind. In the evening the wind shifted more towards east but still nice sailing. In the morning the wind died and the rest of the trip was a mixture of sailing, motoring and motor sailing.

Capella and dolphins
Squall coming our way

When we got closer to La Palma the sky was red from the erupting volcano Cumbre Vieja. After almost two full days we arrived at Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Red sky from the vulcano

Very few boats and we could pick and choose a suitable berth. The volcano is very active and the air polluted bye ash. We had to clean the boat at least twice a day and at one time we had to wear googles and mask when walking into town.

Santa Cruz de la Palma
Typical balconys

Together with the Capella crew we rented a car and went for a trip around the island. We stopped at Roches los Muchachos, 2426 metres above sea level and then went on to see the vulcano. Spectacular and a bit scary. The next day we took the car to do some shopping.

On our way to Roches de Mochachos
Roches de Mochachos
East coast of La Palma
The vulcano from a distance
Lava hits the sea
Vulcanic ash on deck

Sailed distance 254,9 nautical miles.

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  1. Hej,
    Vilket äventyr. Spännande att följa Er.
    Inget vidare med vulkanutbrott och aska på båten.
    Kul att se Calle med skägg.
    Ha det gott!
    Kram Pia✨

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