Camaret sur Mer

After two weeks at Cherbourg it felt good to be on our way again. We left Cherbourg at half past 10 in the morning together with our friends on sy Embla.

Leaving Cherbourg
Sailing school
Embla at the breakwater

Light winds from behind and we started out sailing wing on wing. At nightfall the wind increased and we took down the jib and continued with just the mainsail. At dusk the wind dropped and we had motor.

Wing on wing into the sunset
Sunrise motoring
Embla not far away
Morning visit
Motoring towards Chenal De Four
A lot of current
Le Four lighthouse
Pointe de Saint-Mathieu
Les vieux- Moines

We managed to get trough the Chenal de Four just before the tide turned against us and we arrived at Camaret sur Mer at four a´clock in the afternoon after 29 hours at sea.

Camaret sur Mer
Old fishing vessels

Camaret sur Mer is a nice little town and the harbour is well protected. The supermarket was probably the best we have seen so far. We went for walks, to the old fort and to the amazing beach.

View towards the marina
View towards the bay of Biscay

Together with the Embla crew we went out for a nice dinner at a restaurant close to the marina.

Sailed distance 177,3 nautical miles.