Urke and Urkeegga

Our friends on sy Ontaria had recommended Urke in the Hjörund fjord. So in the afternoon on the 22nd of July we set sail again and had some nice sailing down to the Hjörund fjord.

Approaching Hjörrund fjord
Into the fjord
Hjörrund fjord
Halfway into the fjord
Gusty conditions

There was a lot of wind in the fjord so we motored the last couple of miles to Urke. We arrived at 6.30 pm. No problem to find a mooring. There is quite a lot of swell from passing boats. The next day we decided to try to climb the Urkeegga, we packed our rucksacks and set off towards the mountain.

Going up

Very steep but rewarding. We managed to climb all three peaks, the highest 1021 metres above sea level.

Fika at the first peak
Towards the next peak
Towards the last peak
View from the highest peak
Mist is down there at the jetty
Starting the descent

Eight hours and 20,7 kilometres later we got back to Mist.

Sailed distance 27,8 nautical miles.