Den Helder

There was a nice weather window for continuing south. We left Helgoland at noon the 13th of September.

Leaving Helgoland
Adjusting the Hydrovane. Cold.
Grey skies

One reef in the main to start with but after a couple of hours the wind dropped and in the evening there was a lot of swell but almost no wind. The sails were flapping and took in all sails and started motoring. In the morning the wind picked up again and we could start sailing once more.

Huisduinen lighthouse, Holland

The last six miles into Den Helder we had to motor against a strong tide, it took almost 2 hours. We arrived just before seven pm and was shown a good spot by the harbour master.

Entering Den Helder harbour
Den Helder marina

After a walk to the supermarket it was time to hit the sack, we did not sleep much during the crossing from Helgoland so we were really tired. When we woke up the next morning our friends on sy Star had arrived from Cuxhaven. We had a nice evening meal together onboard Mist. The facilities in the harbour includes washing machines and tumblers so we managed to do all our laundry.

Sailed distance 164,8 nautical miles.