After a couple of days in A Coruna it was time to continue south. We left at dawn after a stop at the fuel dock.

Leaving A Coruna and the Hercules tower behind

Our plan was to go to Camarinas but when we got there we decided to continue south to Porto, motoring all night.

Aproaching Porto
Entrance to Douro River

We arrived at Porto after 31 hours at sea. Really nice to be back in Porto, we have been here quite a lot even if it was a long time ago. The marina is located close to the river mouth and a few kilometres from the city centre but it is a nice walk into town. We walked around in Porto the whole next day.

Walking towards Porto

We got together with old friends, thanks for your hospitality!

The way back from the shopping mall

Not far from the marine there is a shopping mall with a big supermarket and we went there twice to get provisions as we were planning to go from Porto to Porto Santo, just over 600 nautical miles away.

On the way to the beach

Sailed distance 177,0 nautical miles.